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Style Guide for Bridesmaids in 2021

Bash Sarmiento

July 21, 2021

In more ways than one, a wedding is the most challenging event to carry out. Contrary to expectations, it’s not only the bride and groom who are busy with the preparations, it’s the members of their entourage, too! The primary role of a bridesmaid is to assist in executing the bride’s plans and offer help as needed. Bridesmaids are responsible for numerous aspects of the wedding to ultimately make the bride’s dreams come true. When deciding on clothing for your bridesmaids, ensure that they will be comfortable yet still fashion-forward. Here are a few tips to help you conceptualize your bridesmaids’ dress code:

Matchy Matchy Bridesmaid Gowns


This traditional style and theme for bridesmaids’ dresses are common and very dependable. This traditional style can be traced back to Ancient Rome where an entire bridal entourage including the bride dressed the same way so that evil spirits or an alternate suitor would be prevented from stealing the bride. Today, the matchy-matchy style makes a cohesive and consistent look as well as a classy overall statement.

Same color, multiple style bridesmaid gowns

Same color, multiple styles.

Let’s face it – everyone’s body is built a little different so consider each of your bridesmaids’ body type as you decide what they are going to wear. Consider choosing multiple dress designs all in the same color. You’ll get a cohesive look with the same color palette and your bridesmaids get to buy a dress in a style that best fits their body and personality. They will radiate and be confident as they stand by your side on your wedding day.

Make it theirs Bridesmaid Gowns

Make it theirs.

The latest trend in bridesmaid gowns virtually allow for girls to wear whatever they want – different designers, different fabrics, and different cuts but the same color family. Be sure to set a few rules so that you are comfortable with the final product and that it fits with your overall wedding theme but ultimately let your bridesmaids go nuts! They will be more comfortable and happy when you give them the chance to attend your wedding and be in the wedding party while still appearing in their own style.

Alternate it Bridesmaid Gowns

Alternate it.

Are you unsure of what direction to take or do you have your choices narrowed down to two gowns you can’t decide between? Choose them both! Pick two different gowns and let your bridesmaids choose between the two. When it comes time to take photos, alternate the looks or create some kind of pattern to make sure it looks good in the photos.  When in doubt – ask your photographer for help.

When deciding on a dresses for your bridesmaids, consider style, color, cut, fabric and length when you’re picking them out. In addition, consider dress versatility, comfortability, and wearability for all the girls in your wedding party. And no matter what you decide, don’t forget about allowing your bridesmaids a bit of their own individuality as they make up a huge part of your wedding day success.


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